Making a space and event accessible isn’t something we can do on our own, and it is more of an ongoing process than a finished product. If you have any questions about access or accomodation at our conference please contact us at For safety reasons we can only offer an email here, but if you are able to contact us by email we can offer other ways of being in touch (phone, text, IM, etc…)
Here are some notes on accessibility. We will be updating this as we add accomodations and learn more about the space and how we’re all moving through it.

Physical Space

Most of the conference will be held on the second floor of the University of Houston in the Student Center South building. A few sessions will occur in the North building. The space is wheelchair accessible, with ramps at the front entrance and two elevators inside the building. The washrooms have accessible stalls, and are more or less accessible, but come with the usual problems of so-called accessible architecture (some quick corners right behind a door, etc…)
The workshops, opening keynotes, and vendors are all on the second floor. There is a long hallway and walk from the elevators to the registration desk and main meeting room, but there is seating along the way, and once there, most of the rooms are relatively near each other. Click here for a layout of the Student Center.


All washrooms have accessible stalls. In our experience the washrooms each have imperfections with access but they are workable for most. If you have specific questions you’d like answered before arriving, let us know.


If you have a disabled parking tag: The closest lot to the Student Center South building is lot 1E. In order to access that lot you have to proceed to the Visitor Information Booth (on University Dr. past Calhoun Rd.) Tell them you are parking for the day, show them your proof of disabled parking and they will give you a pass which costs $3. Ask for a “token” which will give you access to lot 1E.
If you do not have a disabled parking tag: You can also park in the Welcome Center Parking Garage which is across the street from the Student Center. Visitor parking in that lot is on the 3rd floor and higher, accesssible spots are near the elevator.
Parking rates are higher if you do not get the University accessible parking pass first.
The Visitor Information Booth is open Friday 7am – 8pm and Saturday 8am – 4pm.
Parking maps can be found here:


Most of the lighting is overhead florescent lighting and natural light from windows.

Quiet Room

The quiet room is a space without overhead/florescent lighting where attendees can go to be away from excessive stimulation and the buzz of the conference.
The quiet room is in the Midtown Room (Room 262), on the second floor of the Student Center South building (the same floor and building as all the keynotes).

The quiet room will be open during conference hours, but will not be staffed.  We ask all attendees to respect the posted rules and to contact a volunteer if they are having trouble accessing the room.

Scents and Chemicals

We ask all our attendees, volunteers, and presenters to help us maintain an accessible, accommodating environment by not wearing or using fragrances of any kind.
That said, our conference is in a public space we share with lots of other students, faculty, and staff. We are not able to guarantee that the space will be scent free or even low scent.

Food Options

Lunch is provided with registration and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available. There are additional eateries in the Student Center South.

Language Access

We will be offering simultaneous Spanish/English interpretation for our keynote talks and for some specific workshops. We will share those details when we have them. If you have questions in the meantime please email:
American Sign Language (ASL)
The keynotes and specific workshops will be interpreted in ASL and interpreters will be available from 8:30am to 5:00pm both days of the conference.

Communication Badges

Color Communication Badges are a system developed in Autistic spaces and conferences.  They are an easy way for anyone to tell others their communication preferences.
When you check in at the conference and get your badge you’ll find three colored strips of paper in the badge holder behind your name card:  GREEN, YELLOW, RED.
During the conference if you want, you can put one of the three strips in the front part of your badge facing out.
If you put the GREEN strip in your badge facing out it is a way of telling other people that you aren’t always comfortable initiating conversations but you are open to people approaching you to talk.
If you put the YELLOW strip in your badge facing out it is a way of telling other people that you only want to talk to people who you recognize and know.  It’s a way of asking people not to approach you, but that you may approach them.
If you put the RED strip in your badge facing out it is a way of indicating that you probably don’t want to talk to anyone, and should not be approached.  You may still approach others of course.
Learn more about the badges here:

Ride Sharing Options

If you would like to attend our conference and are not able to get there on your own, contact us at the email above.
If you are planning on attending the conference and have room in your vehicle to offer someone a ride, please contact us at the email above.